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As of November 2021 online training and sign-ups for in-person training for all AYSO Volunteers (Coaches, Referees, Board Members, etc.) is now done through a newly formatted platform still called AYSOU - which must be accessed through your Sports Connect account.

In order to be able to access AYSOU you must first be registered as an AYSO Volunteer for the current season; if you are new to this process, please create an account.

Once you have registered as an AYSO Volunteer (and have passed the background check process):
1.  Login to your Sports Connect account (via
2.  Click on the My Account button (just to the right of the Logout button)
3.  Click on the Volunteer tab - this brings you to the Volunteer Dashboard
4.  click on the new "AYSOU" button (just to the right of the "Delete" button)

After a few moments, you will be logged in to the AYSOU website in a separate window.  Make sure that it is your name in the upper left corner (just under the AYSO logo) and not someone else in your Sports Connect account. If it is not your name, you will need to register yourself under your own account. 

The menu bar along the left side will take you to:

Skills Passport - most or all of the AYSO training that you have completed in the past (both online and in-person) should be listed here (Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, coaching certifications, referee certifications, etc.).  Also listed is the Completion Date for each and a link to view a Certification of Completion.  If one of your certifications is missing, contact your Regional Commissioner.

Document Library - Coaching Manuals, Referee Manuals, and other documents can be downloaded and printed from here.

Training Library - this is where you can sign up for available online and in-person training courses.
Be aware that many of the Coach and Referee courses will have pre-requisites (i.e. you cannot sign up for an Intermediate-level course unless you have completed and are certified in earlier or entry-level courses).
ALL Region 157 Volunteers are required to complete the online Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness, Safe Sport, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest courses.  These are available in the Training Library, under Safe Haven.

Training Event - this is a calendar-based listing of all in-person training (Coach, Referee, Management, etc.).  By default this shows ALL such courses throughout the country.  You probably will want to narrow your search by Region (we are Region 157) or by location (e.g. within 10 miles or your current location).

My Training - at least initially, this only shows the Safe Haven modules (if you have completed the Safe Haven course in the past).  For a listing of all your certifications, use the Skills Passport section.

Help - the Help Center provides links to several detailed Learner Support and Resources web pages or documents.

Live Scan

Live Scan

Effective, January 1, 2022, all administrators and regular volunteers in California MUST have a one-time background check as approved by the California Department of Justice to exclude individuals with a history of child abuse. This form of background check requires live scan fingerprinting. 

This process does not replace the Sterling Volunteers Background Check.

To clarify, a REGULAR VOLUNTEER is a person who has direct contact with children 16 hours a month or 32 hours per year, which applies to most coaches and team parents in 10U+, Intermediate Referees and above, and board members as administrators.

Please reach out to your Division Coordinator for a Pre-Paid Code. 

Live Scan results cannot be shared between organizations so even if you have completed for work, school, or other activity - you MUST complete for AYSO Region 157.

 Click here and then "GET FINGERPRINTED" to locate a Live Scan location.  UPS in Rockaway is a service center for Live Scan.  


SafeSport Course

The 2017 SafeSport Act has expanded Mandated Reporters to include adults who regularly interact with children. Due to this expansion, that includes AYSO and it requires training on child abuse and mandated reporting. Effective, January 1, 2022, U.S. Soccer will no longer allow equivalent training and has mandated SafeSport training. 

The training is the full course in the first year, which is 90 minutes, and repeated every three years, followed by annual updates in the in-between years, which are 30 minutes. Youth Volunteers (under 18) are not required to take this training.
Note: This is a new course under the Safe Haven umbrella. It DOES NOT replace the online AYSO's Safe Haven course.

Units include:

  • Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Education
  • Mandatory Reporting
  • Physical and Emotional Misconduct (including bullying, hazing, and harassment)

Accessing and Completing SafeSport: 

1 | Make sure you are logged into your Sports Connect account on
2 | To access your Volunteer Dashboard, select the Volunteer tab on the left side of the screen 
3 | Check the box next to SafeSport 
4 | Click Renew & Update 
5 | A prompt will pop-up - click the link or copy and paste to get started
6 | You will need to create a SafeSport account. During the process when you see the question for "Membership ID", leave this blank.  Make sure you use the same email as your Sports Connect account and legal name - not nickname.
7 | Once the account has been created, go to "My Courses" and select "SafeSport Trained- U.S. Soccer Federation." 
8 | Complete the course.  The certification should automatically upload to your account - but please either screenshot or print out and keep with your AYSO info.

You should see the following when you log in.

You should see the following course under My Courses -
(90 mins) SafeSport Trained - U.S. Soccer Federation
. If you see a dollar amount for the course, your profile has not been tagged as an AYSO volunteer. Click the Enrollment Key button and provide the following: tsVWe36Xa6PS3b5NzOug

If you need assistance accessing the website, have issues with your account profile or other problem please click here to submit a Help request through their website.

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